What is this?

We, the Incubators of Silly, are doctors of Rescienanthrotology. We are conducting a series of silly experiments to find out if there is a place for silliness in Detroit.


1. a methodology; study consisting of research, science, and anthropology simultaneously

An exploration of the relationship between Detroit and Silliness. We found many ‘silly’ things that could bring us down: Politicians making flippant remarks about bankrupcy, commentators talking about the mistakes of our sports teams, the misuse and abandoning of buildings being described as downright silly, etc. And we acknowledge that silliness has this connotation of being absurd or foolish, BUT the root of the word comes from “seely,” a word meaning happiness. That is the ‘silly’ we are focused on. Silliness can be rooted in unexpected joy, it needs no catalyst, it can change someone’s day in a instant.

Where is this kind of silliness in Detroit? Is even a place for it? Let’s find out.